Illustrator / Writer extraordinare!

Client Testimonials

"Ashby is a remarkable artist and it has been my great pleasure to know and work with him."
  • Jane Perini

    Jane Perini, Pres
    Thunder Mountain
    Design & Communications

    “As a creative director, I have worked with Ashby North on illustrations for the covers of national magazines and children’s books. I have always been delighted with the integrity, imaginative style and creative excellence and he brings to every project.”

  • Conrad Osipowicz
    Blue Room Productions
    Mastering Engineer

    “Ashby is a talented artist with a fresh perspective on children’s stories. What’s most impressive to me is his ability to manage all aspects of the production  process, from writing the story, to animating the frames, to overseeing the voiceover  recording and music production for his children’s stories. Can’t wait to see what future projects come from Ashby!”

  • Jonathan Mann
    Arts professor

    “The world is upside down, but no one knows it. Plato might have given civilization ruminations about the illusions we deceive ourselves with, but Ashby North spins illusions into wonderful stories that shake the world of its gravitational concerns. To engage in his work is to see the world anew and consequently feel liberated.”

Christopher Hodgson
Business Associate

“Ashby North imbues each piece of his art and graphics with a whimsical brilliance that enables the onlooker an escape into a universe of imagination. Best known for his illustrations of stories for children, North has the ability to translate your concept into as simple or complex a vision desired. His talent spans from designing corporate logos to the creation of multi-paged fantastic dream worlds.

Through academic training and natural ability Ashby North’s work effortlessly combines an
understanding of color and spatial relationship with the ability to translate your concept into beautiful and unique imagery.”


- Christopher Hodgson- Business Consultant - Fiddlemoon Stories LLC
Co-collaborator for “Lotus” video book series, published by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo
Founder and Director of Kunzang Palyul Chöling.

“Ashby is a superior illustrator, whose artistry is bourne from a beautifully spiritual place deep within his heart.  You cannot ask for a more talented, more dedicated or more congenial collaborator.  Ashby is a remarkable artist and it has been my great pleasure to know and work with him.”    

Marc Spiegel
Playwrite, storyteller, performer,
& creator of Einsteinshow.

"Ashby's illustrative style is unique and brilliant. His ability to create is endless and it's been a real pleasure to work collaboratively with him on many projects over the past five years. His technical ability is highly regarded, but mostly he's just incredibly talented!"

Dawn Blanchard
Professional Web/Graphic Designer

“Ashby is an idea guy. He has a unique approach to capturing humor, whimsy and playfulness in his illustrations. He’s also professional, courteous and timely. Let’s recap: Professional, courteous, and timely. Captures humor, whimsy and playfulness. Yeah, he’s your guy!”

Greg Paxston
KidsZoo Books