Illustrator / Writer extraordinare!

These images show the process of taking a sketch to a rendering, and then to a final digital illustration.

From sketch to Art

Ashby’s digital illustration technique is highly complex and many layered. He starts with multiple pencil roughs generated from the client’s request or a specific story content. He chooses the rough he feels is the best composition and expression and then creates a final sketch based on that rough. The sketch is then digitally scanned and delivered to the client for review.

Once the sketch is approved, the final art begins. Using a variety of digital techniques such as transparencies, compositing, masking and pen tools, he begins to create a final illustration with the sketch as the underlying format. Depending on the project he may also incorporate color pencil, color markers, pen and ink and other media into the final digital rendering as the art expression requires to complete the project. By using this technique of digital applications and artists media married together it makes the artwork more easily altered to a clients specification while creating a high quality illustration that can be used across any medium.

"Creativity is intelligence having fun."
Albert Einstein, (1879–1955), US theoretical physicist